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    Hi everybody…
    Ever think of substituting your fundraising letter for a video? You might want to try it! There’s no better way to stir emotions and draw people in to tell them a story about your need than a carefully crafted video. The music, the pictures and the voice all help you to express your need in a way that a letter never could.
    Video production now can be done by anyone with a video camera (or a smartphone) and Internet access. Brief, on-the-fly videos provide authenticity, the sense of “being there” and compelling visuals via a short 
production cycle.
    But how to ensure success?
    We selected an example; click on the link, review the video and tell us: why is it a good one? Share your ideas in the comments.
    Give a Stove this Christmas – The Adventure Project Campaign.


    Thank you Elisabetta, this video is very emotional. This is an example of how communication can be effective and successful: it explains very well the objective of the organisation.


    Hi Elisabetta! Thanks a lot for sharing with us this engaging video. It is really amazing how videos nowadays can easily capture the attention of people and, as such, playing a key role in communicating emotions or illustrating certain situations. During my recent visits in some PDOs, I had the opportunity to realize that some of our PDOs are really trying to take advantage of this means of communication to promote their activities, particularly for the youth. In this regard, I would like to suggest them to upload these videos as an useful way to learn from their experiences 🙂


    Hi Elisabetta
    I have found the video to be a very useful tool of communication. Its is precise and to the point.


    Thanks Enea, very good point!!!!
    If the PDOs have nice videos they want to share, uploading them in YouTube is very easy (and can be done for free!!!). If anybody needs practical advice on this just let us know and we may provide specific instructions!!!


    Excellent point indeed!!! Videos have to go directly to the point and capture viewer attention. research demonstrates that 20% of your viewers will click away from a video in 10 seconds or fewer. The video abandonment, unfortunately, doesn’t stop there. You’ll lose about 33% of your viewers by 30 seconds, 45% of them by 1 minute and almost 60% by 2 minutes. Your video needs to start strong and grab viewer attention to help combat this compulsion to click away from your message.

    Gianpaulo Gullotta

    Good job! I think that PDOs could do it, It’s a thousand years to Christmas, so let’s do it!!! It’s also a good first step to start the fundraising activities.

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