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    Gianpaulo Gullotta

    Dear friends,

    What about the strategic planning? AFO did it, ANT also but wasn’t involved in the OPP and SEPS. Meanwhile we are working togheter in HAI and AFW. For the end of this year we will get it.

    The process is not easy, but the SP is a usefull tool for a PDO. Do you want to share some experiences or good pratices among us? For exemple AFO could share his methodology based on teamwork.

    In Haiti we had set up 9 meetings with the stakeholders, each meeting has a main topic concerning the writing of a SP.

    • Formulate Mission and Vision of the Rinaldi Foundation, in agreement with the POI and PEPSI.
    • The four key steps
    • The initial diagnosis
    • Policy Formulation
    • Selection of key objective and priorities
    • Design of priority programms
    • Preparation of the financial framework
    • Design of monitoring system
    • Writing the draft plan

    This is the way that we would like to take writing the SP.


    Hi Gianpaolo,
    Seems an excellent plan, the scheduled meeting should cover all the main areas for a good strategic planning!
    Did you set a deadline for the completion of the draft SP? In case of need, the training materials on strategic planning are available in the section “Document” – both in English and French!
    Good luck to our colleagues in Haiti for this task!

    Gianpaulo Gullotta

    Yes, we hope to get it before Christmas! It will be a good step forward for the Fondation Rinaldi, that has a good SP for TVET, but not yet a general SP.


    AFE has also completed its SP process. The outline is similar to the one given above…


    I may had that the process of completing the SP requires, in addition to a good outline, a persistent and consistent effort. A timeline has to be fixed, not below five months for those who are in regular work. Then every month, it would help to allocate, at least, three consecutive days to serious work on it. After the three-day meeting, assignments would have to be given to each staff member in order to cover one or the other section of the SP. In the next meeting, findings are shared, fine-tuned and aligned to the SP. Then another section of the SP is assigned for the next meeting, etc…


    Good advice!!! Seems a very good way to organise it and remain focused on the final result!!!!


    It is good to facilitate planning meetings by an external person. This is not a must but it helps. As Sam said it is desirable to have a distribution both between individual and collective stakeholders. The ideal would be not to put pounds Relationship time between stages. So to keep the file of ideas. Needless to say, get rid of all other occupations even minimal to devote himself entirely to the work. Even when they are assigned individual tasks.
    In our case, we arrived at following several specific meetings outside our usual premises. This would mean that one should not minimize the cost engendered such a SP process. This is a preliminary exercise. Be sure to have the financial resources to cover all stages of the process and also ensure the availability of all stakeholders in steps.
    The SP process is both demanding but unavoidable.
    Good road to those who will engage in it


    Indeed, both suggestions (external expert and outside meetings) may help to stay focused on the final achievement of drafting a strategic plan. Both of them require of course resources, in terms of budget and time. That’s why the “plan of strategic planning” should be the first step for a successful strategic plan!!!

    Gianpaulo Gullotta

    I think that Guillaume got the point. Without a SP all our efforts may they be in vain.

    AFW and HAI are working on that. So what about the first step;

    Formulate Mission and Vision of PDO, in agreement with the POI and PEPSI.

    Which kind of activities we have to set up for doing that? For me it’s an internal first step, so reading and understand the POI (OPP) very well, and after starting to talk about the possible mission and vision among the PDO staff, in line with the salesian charisma.

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