1. Capacity developmentguidelines and tools

– General Guidelines on the model and functions of the Salesian PDO (Office of Economer General, SDB) (EN – FR –ES – ITA – POR)
Build your own capacity development process up: guidelines, tools, standards and practices to endorse continuous and tailored development processesto perform as a fully fledged PDO (VIS, 2018).
– PDO Profiling – setting standards in diversity: overall definition of work processes, tasks and competences to be detained according the different levels of development ofa PDO (VIS – VdB 2016)
– Yes you can! – PDO’s guide to capacity self-assessment & capacity development action planning (Via Don Bosco);
– Management Health Checks:(Via Don Bosco 2017)
– Encourage PDO’s accountability and ownership of Salesian PDOs – tools (Salesian Missions)

2. Capacity building and Training Material

– Project Cycle Management (Basic, medium and advanced levels – FR – EN)
– Strategic Planning (EN, FR.)
– Human Rights Based Approach and Programming
– Human and Financial Resources Management
– Advocacy
– Awareness raising campaigns
– Fund raising
– Web and social media management
– Life Skills and Entrepreneurship
– Sustainable Environment and International Cooperation

3. Sectorial Manuals and Guidelines

– Human rights based programming(VIS – PDO ANT) ES
– DireitosHumanos – Manual de ferramentasdidácticas (VIS – SDB ANG) POR, ITA
– Office Manual for Awareness raising campaigns: a human rights based approach (ZMB PDO, 2018) – EN
– Stream of Solidarity: an Emergency Response Mechanism – ERM (Don Bosco Network, 2018) – EN
– Guide théorique et opérationnel pour l’accompagnement éducatif des enfants et des jeunes en situation de rue (VIS,PDO HAI, 2017)– FR
– A Salesian Response to the 2030 Agenda – Advocacy in SDG implementation focused on Goal 4 – Quality education for all (DBN – SDB Adocacy Group) – EN – FR –ES – ITA – POR
– CAP Life Skills and Entrepreneurship Manual(Salesian Missions).
– A quality manual for the salesian JSOs – Job Service Offices (DB Tech Africa, 2018) – EN

4. Networking and good practices exchange tools

– PDO platform: news, material, projects and actions (Don Bosco Network, VIS 2014)
– PDO’s APP: a ready-to-use tool for PDO’s action (VIS, 2018)

5. Experiences

– Output realized by PDOs:MouS, Provincial Strategy Plans, PDOs Self-assessment, capacity development plans, action plans, projects and main achievements realized by PDOs so far.
– Video and tutorials: successful stories, good practices and experiences of capacity development straight from the voices of the actors